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Rev. Michael with Photographer Elba Dipp, Hugh and Ashleigh, and Planner Kelly Altier


Saint Jude Ministries is a full service ministry assisting those persons who are unaffiliated, away from home, or looking for a new home. Spiritual guidance and counsel is the foundation of our work with an emphasis on providing an array of chaplaincy services such as: wedding ceremonies, baptismal ceremonies, funeral or celebration of life ceremonies, hospital visits, premarital preparation, as well as individual and family counseling. We also provide specialized services to government employees, members of the military and their families, and all public service employees and their families. We provide pastoral services and employee assistance to corporations internationally. Counseling and training specializations include: Mental Health, Grief counseling, Addictions, Co-dependency, Victim Services, and Crisis Intervention.

Saint Jude Companion Animals Program:

Saint Jude Ministries recognizes the special relationship that people have with their companion animals. We also know how difficult illness or loss of a companion animal impacts you and your family. We offer palliative support for companion animals and their families in a variety of settings. We will also officiate at a service for your animal companion after their passing.

Rev. Michael with Photographer Aleks

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Your Ceremony:

Whether you are planning a Baptism, a Renewal of Vows, or a Wedding Ceremony, there are important decisions and considerations as you prepare for your special day:

• What type of Officiant are you looking for?

• Do you want to remember someone who is no longer with us or unable to attend? Do you want to include family or friends in the actual ceremony?

There are many types of personalized ceremonies available: Religious, Bilingual, Non-denominational, Interfaith, Spiritual, and Civil. There are variations on all of the above as well. Cultural and religious traditions may be incorporated into the ceremony to reflect your individual backgrounds, as well as to symbolize your union.

Primary Considerations:

There are five (5) primary considerations in planning your special ceremony:

  • Ceremony Site;
  • What Officiant(s) you may choose;
  • The location of the Wedding Reception; and,
  • Coordination of the Ceremony Site, with the Reception location;
  • Special traditions, customs, and remembrances to be included.

Our Services: We want to make your special day a memorable and personal experience. Due to our commitment to you and to making this the most special day of your lives, we are happy to customize and personalize your ceremony. We have found that coordination with the other vendors providing specialized services at your respective ceremony is the key to success!

Premarital Counseling:

With the many challenges that face couples today, we encourage premarital counseling to assist and provide couples with the tools necessary to continue in a loving and fulfilling marital relationship. This is especially true if the couple come from different religious, cultural, or social backgrounds. In support of making your marriage a long and successful one, we offer this service to our couples. We are also happy to provide a referral to another qualified professional in our network. *For those couples seeking a Certificate of Premarital Counseling Course completion to waive the three-day waiting period and receive a discounted fee for the Florida Marriage License, a minimum of four (4) hours must be completed by personal instruction, video, or other electronic means.

Customized Ceremony:

We specialize in customizing ceremonies to make them a loving and personal experience, one to be remembered by you and your loved ones throughout your lives together. Our ceremonies may also be customized to incorporate any special cultural or religious requirements you may desire. This is your special day, the first day of the rest of your lives together. In support of making your wedding day and marriage a happy and successful one, we like to meet with our couples, in advance, to discuss the different types of ceremonies which are available to you and how to make your special day one to remember for a lifetime. If an advance meeting is not possible, we can provide this service by email or by phone by using simple questionnaires. We recommend meeting with you in order for us to get to know one another and to learn more about you as a couple. We can then use this information to make your ceremony the most loving and special one it can be. You have complete control over what is or is not included in your ceremony.

Rehearsals: We normally do not attend the rehearsal but we do provide a Ceremony Outline that may be used during the rehearsal. However, if you are more comfortable with us attending the rehearsal, we can do so at an additional fee, and if our schedule permits. We work very closely with event planners and staff at your ceremony venue.

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